Mark Hughes


I started my Software engineering journey 2 years ago. I’ve touched on a few different tools, languages and frameworks, and felt like it’d be a good idea to write a blog from the perspective of someone who is fairly new in the industry, with lots still to learn, writing not about how to do something, but more about how I find my way and learn about things. I expect there will be as many things that don’t work here, as things that do.

In my two years working at Capgemini as an apprentice, I’ve spent some time doing Automated testing using Java, Selenium and Appium, I’ve done a bit of front end development for web browsers and iPhones, using React and React-Native, and am currently in a role learning DevOps, using tools such as Kubernetes and AWS, so I’ve got a little bit of experience with several things, rather than a lot of experience with one thing. I guess there are advantages and disadvantages to that, but it has led to a varied and interesting time so far.